Who’s Winning: Social Media or Email Marketing?

Email marketing used to be the main way for businesses to directly market to their customers. But ever since social media came on the scene, it has taken up a large portion of marketing bandwidth for many companies, which has spurred the debate of which is more effective: social media marketing or email marketing? Currently, Facebook[…]

Consistency in Small Business Marketing – It’s Vital and Often Missed

By Keri Stafford Small business owners have a lot on their plate – accounting, managing employees, customer service, sales, maintenance, technology – the list goes on and on. Marketing is just one small piece of the puzzle that keeps a business running. One of the key aspects of marketing that often gets overlooked, not on purpose,[…]

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3 Reasons It’s Critical That Your Small Business Has A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

By Keri Stafford If you are a small business struggling to attract and retain customers, take my advice and take time to create a solid content marketing strategy. There are probably many others like you out there creating noise and competing for attention making it vital that your content stands out from the rest. There[…]