Brand Amplification

The Challenge: Luminary Digital was engaged to develop and execute a national brand amplification strategy for a product launch. A primary objective of the campaign was to identify and develop targeted micro markets for the client. The Result: 172,856,892 total impressions 16,406,996 people reached Produced highest activity level on the platform Engaged and managed brand[…]

Strategy plan

Multi-channel Digital Strategy

The Challenge: Luminary Digital was engaged to develop and implement a multi-channel digital strategy for a new app release. The app’s target audience was US parents with smartphones. The Result: Dramatic increase in downloads Much stronger presence on social platforms Brand awareness was raised Users were actively engaged The Luminary Digital Team was successful in creating true[…]

Sample placement logo

Sample Placement

The Challenge: The client needed to quickly place samples of their revolutionary home product with a larger, national audience of moms, the key household decision makers. The brand was relatively new and unknown and they were facing challenges building awareness. The Result:  The sample program was completed within 3 business days, well under our targeted timeline. The first[…]

Twitter messages

Twitter Chat

The Challenge: The client was looking for a strategic partner with an audience sizable enough to add noticeable amplification to their current 89,100 followers for a pivotal 4th quarter Twitter Chat promoting holiday photo gift ideas. Luminary Digital proved to be the perfect choice. The main goal of the holiday-focused Tweet Chat was to promote the client’s new mobile[…]

Blogger network logo

Blogger Outreach

The Challenge: The client had the goal of reaching New York Times Best Seller status upon release of their new book. Luminary Digital helped with promotion and awareness with a timely and responsive blogger outreach campaign. The Result: The blogger outreach campaign achieved set goals: 14 mom blogger posts were published (initial target was 10) The infographic[…]

Surveys in real time

Real-time Market Research

The Challenge: The client was launching a new eBook program and needed to gain consumer insight on several key decision points including price sensitivity, eBook formats, tablet and mobile device trends, and reading behavioral patterns for users. The Result: The real-time survey was completed by a targeted set of moms with a focus on socially engaged mothers with[…]

Marketing research logo

Focus Group

The Challenge: The client needed to test the latest release of their platform with a targeted group of moms to prove viability and functionality. The Result: The focus group included 10 highly vetted participants – each contributing valuable feedback for the client. Discovered additional functionality for platform Found key user interface needs Viewed customer data in real[…]

Email marketing logo

Email Marketing

The Challenge: A local dental office wanted an authentic, valuable way to create more of a connection with their patients. The goals were three-fold: 1) To educate the patients on the full breadth of services, 2) keep patients updated on news around the practice, and 3) create a funnel for new patient lead generation. The[…]

Online survey logo

Online Survey

The Challenge: The client was looking to rebrand its product and needed to gain insight and guidance on messaging, product features, branding, and packaging efforts to enhance sales within the mom market. The Result: The survey was completed by a qualified set of moms in the target demographic with a focus on socially engaged mothers[…]