3 Simple Ways Your Brand Can Gain Trust From Moms

by Whitney Trujillo November 29, 2017
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Women are powerful consumers, making up or influencing 70-80% of purchasing decisions in a household. Many of these women are moms. They are the ones making powerful financial decisions, spending over $2.4 trillion a year.

The key to reaching this group is to connect with them on an individual level and gain their trust so that they believe in your brand and ultimately become your greatest spokesperson. The buying power of moms alone is why it is so critical you take the time to gain their trust. They could very well make or break your sales.

Here are three simple ways you can start implementing today to earn trust from moms.

  • Be authentic

Moms trust brands they connect with and can relate to. They want to know who you are and why you created a product for them. Don’t try to make your company look bigger than it is by hiding behind vague language on your about us page. If you are a parent, say you’re a parent. If you started the company because of something personal that happened to you – share that story.

It is the emotional connection you make with moms through authentic storytelling that will drive them to be repeat and loyal customers.

  • Tell them why your product is for them

Personalize your message by telling your target group of moms why you developed your product and how it will help solve their own parenting problems. Why is your product useful to moms? Moms put trust in brands that understand their own individual issues.

If you provide them with unique solutions to their problems, you will earn their trust and they will reward you by purchasing more and singing your praises on social media. Their opinions and confidence in your products carry significant weight in the consumer world of moms.

If you made a recent update to your product, don’t miss the important step of posting a blog or sending an email explaining the reasons why and encourage them to reach out to you if they have any feedback or questions. This is another great way to personalize the connection between your brand and your customers.

  • Keep the lines of communication open

The majority of moms say that they are influenced to purchase products through social media so it is really important to stay active and engage your customers and influencers through social media, blogs and frequent emails. 

Social media is a great place to ask for feedback and it shows you care what your customers think. Make sure to answer their questions, even the the negative ones. Showing that you value their opinion and constructive criticism is another great way to earn their trust.

Another way to keep the lines of communication open is to make sure your customer service representatives really represent your brand. Sometime outsourcing your customer service staff can turn off some of your best potential (and often existing) customers because they can’t relate to the person on the phone.

Smart businesses, like yours, should focus on these three ways to build trust and harness the power of the mom market leading to long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

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