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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Luminary Digital work differently?

We work on a project basis so that we can focus on achieving one goal at a time.

What is your on-boarding process?

We kick-off all our work with a Discovery session where we set goals and expectations for the project as well as nail down the timeline for deliverables. We will secure login access to any websites and tools that we will be working with. We will get you setup in  our project management tool. Generally this initial phase takes about two weeks.

What is your fee structure?

Wordpress websites start at $6,500
Positioning projects start at $8,000
Conversion optimization projects start at $12,000
For projects that are less than 90 days, we invoice half at the start of the project and half at completion. For projects longer than 90 days, we invoice 1/3 at the start, 1/3 in the middle, and 1/3 at completion.

Will you train me or my staff?

Absolutely! Upon completion of our project, we will have a great handle on what ongoing work lies ahead. We can work with you to identify your most capable internal human resources or help to craft a job description for a new hire if you don’t currently have somebody on staff who can handle the scope of work. Then, we will outline how many hours of training will be involved to get you set up for success!

What if I don't have any tools set up on my website yet?

No problem. We are Google Advanced Analytics Certified and are fully equipped to integrate analytics, Google Tag Manager, conversion tracking, and any number of other third-part tools that are needed to your website.