Digital Optimization

How often do you look at your analytics? How often do you use your analytics to drive your decisions? Don’t let these invaluable bits of data go un(der)-utilized. We perform an analytical deep dive into your digital presence to determine action items that will have an impact on your conversions.

Market Positioning

No matter your industry, competition for attention is fierce. We will uncover your unique differentiators and then set you up with the right tools to communicate your value through every online engagement channel.

Website Development

Call it cliché but we start with the end (the user) in mind. Being focused on your target audience from the start of the project translates to a higher conversion rate for your business. We specialize in platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.


We Listen. We Collaborate.

We thrive on building relationships and take great pride in the company we keep.

When you hire Luminary Digital you are hiring a team with 50+ years of combined experience. We listen to your pain-points and partner with you to find solutions. The Luminary Digital team members come with diverse backgrounds which gives us an unconventional, innovative perspective.

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What our clients say about us.

Colorado Therapy Care

Luminary Digital revamped my website and while I expected a top notch, beautiful and functional site, I certainly received much more!  The team delivered a site that was not just functional and lovely, but incredibly effective in terms of getting me new referrals.  My phone and email have been filled with new client contacts and requests for services.  I am so grateful to Luminary Digital for a job well done. As a matter of fact, the site will pretty much pay for itself in three months just based on improved referrals!

Vela Adventures

The team at Luminary Digital were invaluable to our business. They went above and beyond the service we expected from scouring our company’s website to providing recommendations to how we could improve our marketing reach. One of the factors that spoke volumes about Luminary Digital is the follow-up and personal attention we received. We felt like the team really cared about us and our business’ success…they were like our own personal cheerleaders!


Luminary Digital is a brilliant comprehensive agency that has helped SAFE launch its online presence, branding and social media strategy to promote our mission to de-stigmatize and prevent child sexual abuse. The expertise, strategic vision and unyielding energy of the Luminary Digital team helped us establish our presence, grow our network and promote our work. We are so grateful for their unyielding heart, patience and commitment to our vision.

Build a Bot

Luminary Digital was the perfect partner to meet our marketing needs. Their ability to harness the power of social networks was ideal in terms of reaching our audience and building recognition in an organic way. The team was very engaged throughout the process and went beyond marketing offering invaluable advice in terms of product development. They were truly outstanding.

It’s one thing — and an amazing thing to be sure — to have such convenient access to the socially-connected team at Luminary Digital. But you also get a company that gets what you’re trying to do. Luminary Digital understood the offbeat direction that we were headed and quickly curated a group of bloggers who got on board and made our campaign a success.