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7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Building A New Website

by Keri Stafford December 04, 2020 website

Often business owners have little experience building a website, they don't know what they don't know.

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4 Ways To Optimize Images For SEO

by Keri Stafford October 28, 2020 SEO

The images on your website can have an enormous effect on the performance, speed and user experience, which can ultimately

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5 Reasons We Recommend Shopify For eCommerce

by Keri Stafford August 28, 2020 website

There are many platform options available out there for building your eCommerce business - our favorite is Shopify.

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4 Quick Tips for Blog Post Writing with SEO in Mind

by Keri Stafford July 10, 2020 blogging, SEO

Regular blog writing is a great way to keep your website active and help with SEO.

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Top 10 Websites To Source Free Images 2020

by Keri Stafford May 27, 2020 Marketing

It is so important to find the perfect image to compliment your website, blog article or social media post.

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4 Creative Ways to Stay Connected with Your Customers

by Whitney Trujillo April 20, 2020 Marketing, User Experience

In a world where it feels as though we have all been disconnected, it is more important than ever to

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Move Your Business Online

by Keri Stafford April 13, 2020 Marketing, website

Do you need to move your business presence more online? No matter what your business is, it can be moved

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Top 10 Time-Saving Tools For Small Business Owners

by Keri Stafford March 09, 2020 digital marketing

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite time-saving tools, the ones we use every day, and put them in a

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6 SEO Best Practices For Web Pages

by Keri Stafford February 04, 2020 SEO, website

When building out the pages of your new website or adding new pages to your current website, it's a good

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