3 Reasons It’s Critical That Your Small Business Has A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

by Keri Stafford May 01, 2018

By Keri Stafford

If you are a small business struggling to attract and retain customers, take my advice and take time to create a solid content marketing strategy. There are probably many others like you out there creating noise and competing for attention making it vital that your content stands out from the rest.

There are three key reasons that your small business needs a strong content marketing strategy. It will help you build consistency, be seen as a trusted expert, and increase your search engine optimization (SEO) resulting in increased lead generation and business.

1) Consistency builds brand awareness

Consistently providing your audience with information they want to read, that is relevant, and that they will ultimately value will only increase the chances that they will do business with you. The more your target audience becomes familiar with your brand through consistent and fresh content the better.

If you provide valuable content to your audience on a frequent basis, the next time your customer needs the kind of your service you offer, whether it is roof repair or dental care, the likelihood that your business is the one that comes to mind first will only increase.

Just remember that it is important to provide fresh content that your audience will value. Otherwise, the outcome of your strategy could backfire.

2) It builds trust

You are the expert. Your audience needs to also regard you as one especially when so many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of similar options. How are they supposed to pick the right one – the business that they can trust?

If you are a local catering business that provides classes, recipes and helpful information on healthy and innovative lunches for kids, take the time to build your brand as the trusted expert on healthy school lunches through a strong content marketing strategy. Your use of innovative recipes, great imagery, and testimonials from happy customers will quickly make you the go-to source for healthy lunch box ideas.

Once your customer base starts seeing you as a trusted expert, they will continue to come to you first. They will also spread the word about your small business to their peers and friends generating even more leads.

3) More people will find you through searching

The more content your produce, the chances increase that someone will find you through a google search or through a social media share. Publishing new and relevant content leads to more folks clicking on your link. More importantly, if your articles or blog posts pop up on a google search result, potential customers that didn’t know you existed will start seeing your content.

Remember to be smart with your content marketing strategy through consistency, building trust and making your business search engine optimized and see your small business grow.

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